General SIngles Day

When is Singles’ Day 2018?

Singles’ Day 2018 will take place on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

This event falls on November 11 of each year as the numbers in the date – 11/11 – signify singlehood.

On November 11, you can expect to find single’s celebrating their status and socialising. However, in recent years the day has become known mostly for its incredible sales, particularly in China. In fact, Singles’ Day is the biggest online shopping day in the world. Sales will open at midnight and will take place all day.

This year, Singles’ Day falls on a Saturday, which means many shoppers will not be at work and will therefore have more time to research deals and make purchases. This could see sales eclipsing those of previous years. 2016 was a record-setting year for Singles’ Day, with the total gross merchandise value of the goods sold on Alibaba reaching $17.8 billion that day. This was $3.5 billion more than 2015’s figure and four times the amount that is expected to be spent on Black Friday sales this year.

What can we expect on Singles’ Day?

In addition to sales offering incredible savings from Alibaba and many other retailers, some brands will take the opportunity to introduce new products to their Chinese customers on Singles’ Day 2017. For example, Elizabeth Arden live-streamed a show last year on Tmall introducing new merchandise on November 11, while Macy’s launched a virtual reality tool that allowed Chinese shoppers to buy directly from its New York store through Alibaba. As always. live streaming will play a big role in the sales.

You can also expect to see entertainment events on this day. Alibaba also hold a televised concert and contests, and a handful of celebrities from America and Europe were on hand for the festivities.

You can expect to hear more details about this year’s sales this autumn as Singles’ Day approaches.